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KristinWe are excited to be featuring a Student of the Month through the year. We will also be featuring a Yoga Pose each month as well. We hope you enjoy our student stories and yoga center offerings.

Student of the Month

Kristin Gallagher
Kristin is such a beautiful person inside and out. Her rocking yoga practice inspires not only myself, but the studio as a whole. Due to low vision Kristen relies on her strength, flexibility and amazing self-awareness for balance on the mat and in life. Her Yogi friends bring her to class and she always walks in with a heartwarming smile, ready to give it all on her mat. We are honored to name Kristin as Ignite’s first student of the month.

Meet Kristin:
1. When did you start practicing yoga?
“I have been practicing yoga for 9 years.”

2. What is your favorite asana?
“One of my favorite poses would be pigeon because I love the stretch and I also love to add a twist. Because of my low vision I find one legged balancing poses such as Dancer very challenging.”

3. What does your practice offer you that you take back into your life off the mat?
“When off the mat my yoga practice helps me to see the best in things and not focus on the negative.”

4. What would you tell someone who’s thinking about beginning a yoga practice?
“I would tell someone who is thinking of starting a yoga practice that yoga is not only great for you physically but mentally and spiritually as well.”

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