For our first “Pose of the Month” I have picked Hanumanasana or a Yoga Split. Though the full expression takes a long time to accomplish, it is the journey that provides the lessons and the benefits. No matter where you are starting with this challenging asana the benefits are the same. Let go of your ego and forget how far you are from the ground so that you are free to focus on the breath and the space being created in the hamstrings and hips. Never push in Hanumanasana…. the hamstrings are strong yet can be overstretched if forced. Our teachers will guide you into this challenging pose with awesome warm ups like Anjanayasana and Ardha (half) Hanumanasana. A helpful tip: a smile will relax the body.

Hanuman, the Monkey-God, after which this pose is named is a beloved deity and his story is told in The Ramayana. As a young boy Hanuman was cursed for being mischievous. This curse was that he had no knowledge of his super powers. Hanuman relies on devotion and great love to accomplish his legendary leap across the sea from India to Lanka to save Rama’s beloved Sita. Just as Hanuman faced unsurmountable obstacles we can as well learn to trust that we can overcome challenges that seem impossible and believe in our own super powers.

“You are as powerful as the wind;
You are intelligent, illustrious and an inventor.
There is nothing in this world that’s too difficult for you;
Whenever stuck, you are the one who can help.”

-Jambavantha, the King of Bears, self affirmation to Hanuman in the Ramayana

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