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Please be aware that we have an online registration system. If you come to any of the classes in the Agni (smaller) room it is a good idea to pre-register by clicking on the Class Schedule button on the upper right of this page to hold your spot. The capacity of the Agni room is 10.

Pre-registered Yogis will have priority over walk-ins. That being said we want each and every one of you on your mat, with us and practicing. If a class is getting too full for the Agni room there is also the possibility of adjusting the time so class can be held in the larger Divine Room.  


Drop In – $20

Class Packs
10 Class Pack – $150 = $15 per class
20 Class Pack – $260 = $13 per class 

Unlimited Yoga – Twelve Months of YOGA 
All classes (except special workshops) – $130 per month

One Year Paid in Full – $1,320 = $110 a month 

Private Sessions – $100 for one hour per session

Contact Daniele to arrange for multiple private sessions

Class Packs and Privates never expire

Give the Gift of Yoga – Gift Certificates Make it Easy!

Gift Certificates are available for any of our services. Privates, Group Class packages or a single Group Class, or Workshops. They can be for any amount. Our Gift Certificates never expire.

Open 7 days a week!

Transform yourself into a whole new you! Daniele teaches privates for all ages and levels and can be scheduled via text at 973-865-5668.

Yoga Styles

Vinyasa Flow Open Level

Vinyasa Yoga will tone, stretch, and strengthen your body while it calms and relaxes your mind. This total body and mind workout will torch calories and you will leave class with inner peace. You will feel longer, leaner and de-stressed. The first half of the class we will build heat as we flow through sun salutations, sequential standing poses and balances all linked by the breath. Gradually we will move into seated postures, back bending, and inversions. Each student is encouraged to work at his or her own pace.

Gentle Yoga

A great choice for new students, seniors, or individuals with limitations. This class will tone and strengthen the body, heal injuries, and bring an over all sense of well being.

Beginner / Intermediate Yoga

Change your life with the healing and heart opening benefits of yoga! Come and connect your body, mind and spirit with breath, posture and movement. This class will be a slower paced Vinyasa style of yoga with the same benefits of opening and strength building as the more advanced class. Working at your own pace this class is perfect for the novice as well as the experienced yogi looking for a more restorative class.

Prenatal Yoga

Asanas safely blended specifically for the body and mind during pregnancy. A beautiful time in your life to practice with your child.

 Xen Strength®: Yoga With Weights With Christine Marie

Xen Strength Yoga with Weights® is a revolutionary method that combines a creative yoga flow with strength training, to provide a transformational workout designed to sculpt, lengthen, and challenge every muscle. You’ll not only get a lean yoga body, but you’ll also build muscle mass and increase bone density without giving up your yoga practice. 

 Xen Strength® builds muscle, increases flexibility, and boosts body confidence by bringing you to your edge. With Xen Strength®, you get a total-body workout, combining heart-pumping cardio benefits from a nonstop flow with an increased metabolism from added strength training in every sequence.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, this method gives you an edge in your training and enhances level of fitness—body and mind. Xen Strength® was carefully designed with the five key training essentials fitness experts recommend: cardio, flexibility, strength, core work, and balance training.

Xen Strength® has been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Self Magazine, YOUbeauty.com, Bella Life, and Bobbi Brown’s: Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful. 

See you on the mat!!!

Chakra Balancing Private Session 

Developed for those who are rehabilitating from surgery, an illness or chronic physiological problem and for whom a group class would be too strenuous. A one to one customized session perfectly designed for your well-being, enhanced with chakra light and aromatherapy. Concentrating on a specific area of your body that needs help. Breath work and meditation may be the focus if physical exercises are not yet appropriate.

Private Session

We will create a yoga class that is tailored to your specific needs. If you are new to yoga, or want to address a specific physical or mental issue, schedule a private session or package of private sessions. Start with a one on one consultation and set up a program to tailor fit your needs. If you feel injury, illness, or weight are stopping you from living to your potential let yoga weave it’s magic into your life and free the path for your personal journey. This is also a wonderful way for beginners to feel confident to jump into a class armed with the basics of yoga. Available by appointment.

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