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Dear Yogis,

Dear Yoga Family,
It is with such a broken heart that I share with you the news that my Mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. It was and is a complete shock as she was always a rock star 82 year old Mom, Grandma,Yogi, and my Best Friend. I am sure many of you have seen her in a head stand or hand stand at Ignite. She was loved and cherished and will be forever missed.

Thank you to all who have supported me through this very rough transition.

So many changes are happening in my life. It’s scary yet I feel the chance for amazing new possibilities. As I remember the Buddhist teachings of impermenance.

Before this tragic event I was hoping to share exciting news and upcoming changes at Ignite in a much more elegant way……But now I just want to reach out and let you know Ignite Yoga is my Heart and Soul.

My Family and I are moving to Florida for my husband’s business and a new HS for my daughter Chloe.

Ignite will remain flourishing with our current amazing teachers. We are also moving forward with some awesome new teachers, new workshops and new Teacher Trainings. I personally am planning on teaching in the studio many times every month and running the tt programs. I will be in Florida from 6/19 until 7/2 and then will be hOMe for most of the summer.

I am looking forward to getting a new TT off the ground in October. Running a 30 hour Advanced Sequencing Training. As well as Master Classes, Privates and Workshops
when I am back.

I believe this transition gives us an opportunity to try some new things while keeping what we love about Ignite.
What would you like to see happen?

We will have a suggestion Box near the front desk or feel free to email or text me. 973-865-5668

With much love and gratitude,


Contact Daniele via text 973-865-5668

Jessica is starting a new early AM class
Tuesday 7am-8am
Level 2

Jessica Seeley RYT 200

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” -Brihadaranyaka IV. 4.5 (The Upanishads)

Come greet the day with a new early morning flow class aimed at opening your mind, body and spirit to engage the day with purpose, intention, power and peace. Shake off the sleep, clean off the slate, and start first thing by releasing the binds of the mind. Carving out the space and time through asana and breath to be your most authentic and genuine self this class will aim at gifting you mindful awareness for the rest of the day as well as helping you break that first sweat before 8am.

Karma Yogis Wanted
Let’s share energy
Your services for free Yoga

Saturday Mornings 8:45am and 10am
Plus one more day TBD
Sign in/work desk
Light Cleaning
Karma Yogi for
Deep Cleaning once a week
Contact Daniele to apply via text 973-865-5668

Devic Kingdom Crystals by Jessica Seeley Available at Ignite

An Intuitive, Crystal Keeper, and Energy transmuter 🙂 CHanneling your Magic

Devic Kingdom is the energetic level where the nature spirits exist. This is the energy of the waters, mountains, winds, earth and sky. Every crystal and stone from this earth was birthed from the combination and energy of these elements. When you are wearing a piece from DevicKingdom you are wearing pieces of Earth Energy allowing them to connect and charge your body, mind, and spirit with that which created you. Just like every person every crystal and stone is unique, no two are alike and all are formed in specific moments of time; diverse because of the pressures and circumstances in which they were created. This also gifts unique metaphysical properties and specific energies to each crystal and stone.

I wrap my crystals and stones after meticulously looking at its structure and formations so that its secrets, shapes, totems, and guardians are visible to you. My necklaces are meant to hang longer so that they engage specific Chakra points. Most necklaces rest on or in between the Solar Plexus ( where your will and good intent live) and the Heart Chakra (so that you fuel your dreams with the power of your love).

Many necklaces in DevicKingdom have three elements to them. Usually two crystals/stones and a Skeleton key or animal totem. Three is known to be one of the most magic of all numbers. It represents the Divine, the holy and spiritual bodies as in the Trinity and the Three Jewels, For the human condition it represents the Body, Soul, and Spirit, and in Egyptian times Three was known as the Supreme Power. In the third dimension we do things in 3’s so that they will manifest into our physical reality.
Email: JessicaSeeley54@gmail.com
Website: DevicKingdom.squarespace.com

Call or text Daniele 973.865.5668 email:info@igniteyoganj.com



Shop our street-chic and boho-chic jewelry collection. A carefully curated blend of unique, bold, on-trend, hand made and hand picked jewelry.

Jamie, the founder of The Eye Candy Project’s son suffered a traumatic eye injury when he was 23 years old. There is no known procedure for restoring his sight, but we dream that one day there will be. With the loss of his vision came a vision to restore it. We call it The Eye Candy Project. Since 2013, we have proudly supported research for traumatic eye injury.

Since 2013 we have proudly supported research for traumatic eye injury.

Jamie Eckstein: 732.261.2600

Website: theeyecandyproject.com

Instagram: @theeyecandyproject

Facebook: Eye Candy @theeyecandyproject



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