Trainings and Workshops


Guided Meditation with Victoria Belozeroff

Wednesdays 8-9pm
$15 Drop In – Or use your class pack
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Guided meditation class to help you relax and unwind from every day stress or major life changes. Following Shiva Rea’s approach to honor life source through conscious movement, experience sensation of honoring and accepting yourself.

Learn to live with greater vitality, health and well-being through powerful stress reduction techniques.


Kids Vinyasa Yoga Fun for ages 7 and up with Mary Blackstock RYT

Mondays 4-5pm
$15 Drop In
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In this fun and flowing class, kids will learn how to focus and center themselves through breathing and visualization techniques, while building on the basic yoga postures (asanas).

We will work on developing flexibility, coordination and strength and practice meditation, helping students to become calmer and more self-aware. Students will learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses and yoga games. Students will also have the opportunity to teach each other their favorite asanas!

We will end each class with final relaxation (savasana) while listening to calming music and nature sounds.


Explore the secret life, powers, messages and magical energies of crystals.

“In the city of Brahman is a secret dwelling, the lotus of the heart. Within that space is the fulfillment of our desires. What is within that space should be longed for and realized.”
-Chapter VIII The Upanishads

The focus:
will be on the ancient practice of healing, cleansing, charging, and metaphysical attributes that have made crystals integral to human life and prosperity since the beginning of time.

One on one consultation:
Jessica will help you find the right crystals to engage and forward your inner fire and deepest desires.

Please start meditating on the following
two questions:

1) Dream of dreams, what do you want to manifest for yourself in your life?
2) If there is one thing that is holding you back from being your most powerful authentic self — what is it?

“Those who depart from this world without knowing who they are or what they truly desire have no freedom here or hereafter.

But those who leave here knowing who they are and what they truly desire have freedom everywhere, both in this world and in the next.” – VIII.1.6 The Upanishads

To see more of Jessica’s crystal work:

Dear Yogis

Dear Yoga Family,
It is with such a broken heart that I share with you the news that my Mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. It was and is a complete shock as she was always a rock star 82 year old Mom, Grandma,Yogi, and my Best Friend. I am sure many of you have seen her in a head stand or hand stand at Ignite. She was loved and cherished and will be forever missed.

Thank you to all who have supported me through this very rough transition.

So many changes are happening in my life. It’s scary yet I feel the chance for amazing new possibilities. As I remember the Buddhist teachings of impermenance.

Before this tragic event I was hoping to share exciting news and upcoming changes at Ignite in a much more elegant way……But now I just want to reach out and let you know Ignite Yoga is my Heart and Soul.

My Family and I are moving to Florida for my husband’s business and a new HS for my daughter Chloe.

Ignite will remain flourishing with our current amazing teachers. We are also moving forward with some awesome new teachers, new workshops and new Teacher Trainings. I personally am planning on teaching in the studio many times every month and running the tt programs. I will be in Florida from 6/19 until 7/2 and then will be hOMe for most of the summer.

I am looking forward to getting a new TT off the ground in October. Running a 30 hour Advanced Sequencing Training. As well as Master Classes, Privates and Workshops
when I am back.

I believe this transition gives us an opportunity to try some new things while keeping what we love about Ignite.
What would you like to see happen?

We will have a suggestion Box near the front desk or feel free to email or text me. 973-865-5668

With much love and gratitude,


Call or text Daniele 973.865.5668

Contact me if you are interested in a 200 Hour Teacher Training Intensive Led by Daniele Jarman
Meeting Sundays ONLY

Start a new career or deepen your practice. Change your Life.

Contact Daniele via text 973-865-5668

This program is a one of a kind premier training. You can join to further your personal practice and/or become a phenomenal yoga teacher.

Our program fully prepares you to teach a Vinyasa yoga class. Ignite’s training is led by Daniele along with highly trained and experienced teachers. We bring in experts in anatomy, pranayama, and mythology to complement our 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified program of the art of teaching yoga. Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?? It’s a great way to begin 2016! One weekend a month. Change your life.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what our Teacher Trainees have to say about our Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program…

Call or text Daniele 973.865.5668

Karma Yogis Wanted
Let’s share energy
Your services for free Yoga

Saturday Mornings 8:45am and 10am
Plus one more day TBD
Sign in/work desk
Light Cleaning
Karma Yogi for
Deep Cleaning once a week
Contact Daniele to apply via text 973-865-5668


Call or text Daniele 973.865.5668


Kula for Karma classes help survivors of domestic violence reduce flashbacks, develop greater resistance to stress, and improve sleep and overall quality of life.
Rachel Coalition is a division of Jewish Family Service of
MetroWest NJ

Visit Kula For Karma “igniting the human spirit through yoga” at

See what our Teacher Trainees have to say about our Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program…

Lena Young – Class of 2014

No words can express my infinite gratitude toward Daniele Jarman for her unassuming, humble, and incredibly kind, empathetic, and compassionate guidance through one of the best experiences of my life. With ongoing encouragement and endless support coupled with an easygoing approach to not only the training but to life itself, Daniele’s warm and welcoming attitude creates a safe and nurturing space for her students to grow and learn. She brings out her students’ talents, inspiring them to explore and develop their own unique teaching style that highlights their individual strengths. She has the ability to instill confidence in her students, guiding them as they brave their fears and emerge out of their tightly woven cocoon with a new pair of beautifully grown wings as they fly into the yogic world, ready to embark on their journey as fully trained, Yoga Alliance certified teachers. 

From my initial research prior to taking this course on other 200-hour training programs that were available in the New Jersey/New York area, I found that this down-to-earth yet eclectic program expands beyond traditional courses that mainly emphasize physical asanas, breathing, anatomy, philosophy, and history. Instead, Daniele partners with Kundalini guru Agnes Tengerdy as well as a team of wonderful teachers who bring different unique aspects into the program, ranging from wheelchair yoga, Ayurveda, and Thai massage to mantras, mudras, and what can be considered to be more esoteric yogic philosophy and traditions. 

 Amazingly inspiring workshops by renown teachers were included as part of the training, weaving in cultural, mythical, and historical influences. Regardless of one’s previous experience or yogic background, Daniele, Agnes, and the teaching team at Ignite are able to make the training material easily accessible to everyone. Traveling from coast to coast and hopping from studio to studio, I have found that Daniele’s teaching style of creative, inspirational, and seamlessly choreographed vinyasa flows coupled with her fresh and ever-changing music playlist create the perfect space for the perfect practice. It is this smooth and effortless flow that Daniele imparts on her students as sequencing and even creating appropriate music playlists are explored and eventually mastered. 

 The program even delves deeply into the spiritual realm, giving students the opportunity to cultivate deep introspection and self-reflection as they bring what they learn off the mat, out of the classroom, and into their lives. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn more about this ancient art—the art of yoga. This program is not just for someone who wants to teach. It is a great opportunity to turn inwards and access the self, which is often hidden beneath layers and layers of seemingly impenetrable walls as well as habitual and conditioned tendencies to which we have become accustomed over time. 

After years of winding ourselves so tightly, it comes as a relief to be able to slowly clean the dust off the cave of our hearts so that the mirror into our soul can once again shine as brightly as the light within each and every one of us. The training gives one the space, the time, and the support to tackle deep seated fears and to rebuild a sense of self-confidence, self-love, self-compassion, and body-mind-spirit awareness, which ultimately work together to bring a sense of balance and harmony back to one’s primordially perfect self. 


Christine Marie – Class of 2010

When I look back over the past year of yoga teacher training, I smile, exhale, and bask in feelings of gratitude and bliss. Daniele Jarman’s wisdom, kindness, sense of humor, and down to earth attitude made this experience one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I came to the program unsure and somewhat apprehensive. Daniele encouraged and empowered me to fulfill the dream of not only becoming a better yogi, but of sharing this gift with others as a certified yoga teacher. Through this process, I have gained a deeper sense of what yoga is: union of body, mind, breath, and, a connection with the universe that I never thought possible. To Daniele and my “graduating class” – I simply say thank you for enhancing my life with your unconditional support, your friendship, and a bond that I will always hold close to my heart. Kelly’s fiery energy, Roz’s comforting smile, Carla’s kind heart, Joey’s gentle soul, Katie’s honest words, Mary’s warmth, and our guru, Daniele, whose thoughts, actions, and words embody all that I hope to become…I bow to all of you… Namaste. Love & light.


Kelly Santucci – Class of 2010

I walked into Exhale Yoga (now Ignite Yoga Center) over three years ago after having my first son. Since then Exhale has become a second home to me. I’ve never practiced at another studio…there is no reason to. When Daniele decided to offer teacher training I jumped at the chance. The experience has exceeded my expectations. Daniele has taught me to be a well rounded, creative, and safe yoga teacher. She has given me the tools to teach with confidence, professionalism and grace. Beyond that I have deepened my personal practice. I feel stronger in body, more peaceful in mind. This experience has allowed me to strike a beautiful balance between being a fulltime mom and doing a little something for myself that is guilt free. My soul is fulfilled. Thank you to Daniele and all of the teacher trainees. You were such an important and relevant part of this journey. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!


Rosalind Nichols – Class of 2010

Daniele Jarman, RYT is an exceptionally encouraging and inspiring teacher. She created the same warm and welcoming environment for her Teacher Trainees as she does for the yoga classes taught at her wonderful studio, Exhale Yoga (now Ignite Yoga Center). Her Teacher Training classes inspire growth, courage, spirit and the beauty of sharing the art and science of yoga with others. Her program has enriched my life. I encourage anyone who is interested in deepening his or her understanding of yoga, and has a desire to teach yoga, join Daniele’s Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program. I absolutely love Daniele, my fellow teacher trainees, the classes and teaching yoga! 


Mary Blackstock – Class of 2010

I cannot imagine doing my yoga teacher training with anyone but Daniele Jarman, or anywhere but Exhale Yoga Studio (now Ignite Yoga Center). Daniele made it possible for me to fulfill my desire of becoming a certified yoga teacher in a way that was manageable for my life as a busy, working mom. I highly recommend the teacher training program at Ignite Yoga Center for anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher, or who wants to enhance their own practice. The experience was one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of my life. I am eternally grateful to Daniele and for providing the tools and insights to pursue teaching, and to my fellow trainees who taught me more than I could have ever imagined.


Carla Torter – Class of 2010

I was briefly introduced to yoga about 4 years ago at Canyon Ranch. I knew right away it was something I wanted to pursue. My girlfriend walked into Exhale Yoga (now Ignite Yoga Center), met Daniele Jarman, the owner, took her class and called me to say I found “our place.” Ever since then, Ignite Yoga Center has been the only place for me. When Daniele offered the teacher training, I thought who better to learn from then the best! Daniele’s teacher training program was so inspirational. She shared with us her passion for yoga, her expansive knowledge of yoga, and most importantly her warm heart. She was there for my fellow trainees and me every step of the way. Teaching, guiding, encouraging, and challenging us. And then, in her gentle way, stepping beck to watch us grow. I will forever be grateful to Daniele and all the trainees for their constant love, support, and of course laughter. It has been a pleasure sharing this part of my journey with all of you. Namaste 

Ignite Yoga Center, 19 S. Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039

Daniele (cell): 973-865-5668


"May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering."



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